Issue 2: What Place Do You Call Home?

Melody WarnickLove Where You Live experiment, Reading and writing

There’s this weird phenomenon that always happens when I tell people I wrote a book about place attachment. They desperately want to tell me their place history. Where they grew up. Where they used to live. Where they live now. Where they wished they live. Absolutely everyone on earth has a story to share about place—and from what I’ve seen, … Read More

Doing These 3 Things After a Vacation Will Make You Happier

Melody WarnickLove Where You Live experiment, Place love

Why does everyone hate tourists? Because we gawk. We rhapsodize about boring stuff like buildings (“Oh my gosh, the architecture!”). We snap pictures of subway entrances and sandwiches. In short, we pay attention in a way we usually don’t in our owns hometowns, and that focus and excitement reawakens us to the thrilling power of place. In fact, a really … Read More

Love Where You Live experiment: Go to a parade

Melody WarnickBlacksburg, Love Where You Live experiment

It’s Wednesday night, dinnertime, and I’m weaving at top speed through the back roads of Blacksburg, trying to make it downtown before the snare drums do. Cranking my window down as I parallel park, I cock an ear. Are they coming? Is that a distant brass section or just the complaints of Main Street traffic? Finally jammed into a mostly … Read More