A Few of My Stories

Love Letters for That Special City in Your Life
“Dear Akron, I’m not from you, but you’ve made me your own, and there’s no place else I’d rather be.”

Believe in Luck? These 9 Ordinary People Sure Do
Reader’s Digest
Coincidence? Divine intervention? A really good day? Whatever way you define luck, these people got it.

If I Lived in That House: My Addiction to the Fantasy of Online Real Estate
The Guardian
In the midst of peak moving season, Melody Warnick ponders her obsession with real estate websites that are constructed to elicit desire for a new reality.

What to Do When Your Neighbor Likes Donald Trump
You know that you live among people who are rooting for politicians you despise with a passion. How do you move on from that?

Coming Home from War
Woman’s Day
Kerri Ludwig has sacrificed almost everything to serve her country.

Hometown Heroes: Saving a Neighbor’s Life
Reader’s Digest
Donald Lubeck didn’t think he’d make it out of the house fire alive. Then his neighbor heard his screams.

Hometown Heroes: A Sailor’s Savior
Reader’s Digest
When a neighbor boy needs help, a Washington mom takes him in — and turns him into her third son.

Cooking Up English
Taste of Home
A foodie uses cooking as a way to teach English to foreign language speakers in Austin, Texas.