Bonus Material from the Book

In chapter four, I explain that I’m a huge fan of homemade food as a way to get into the good graces of your neighbors. This particular recipe for banana crumb muffins worked magic for me in Blacksburg.
I created this Google map of Blacksburg’s assets after I learned about asset mapping in chapter 5. If you live in the area or want to visit, check out my ideas for a good time in town. Feel free to add your own ideas too.

Here are some other great resources for finding cool stuff going on in Blacksburg:

Next Three Days

NRV Macaroni Kid

Blacksburg Stuff

Downtown Blacksburg

Find out how you rank on the OCEAN traits of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeability, and neuroticism, which I discussed in chapter 9, by taking the same Big 5 personality test I took.
Take the brief “What Town Matches My Politics?” quiz online at the website of Clarity Campaigns, a political advisory firm. I wrote about my own interesting results in chapter 9, but I don’t recommend moving because of them. Maybe just visit.
You’re in luck, because silly online tests abound. Treat this as an exercise in thinking about what places appeal to you, and take the results with more than a grain of salt.

What City Should You Actually Live In?—Buzzfeed

What’s Your Southern City?—Southern Living

Which City Fits Your Personality?—Seventeen

Which Big City Should You Live In?—Time/Money

This website is especially helpful:

Find Your Spot

Walk [Your City] is the urban intervention created by Matt Tomasulo, whom you met in chapter two. Anyone can make their own signs (although I recommend you talk to someone about permits before you do it). Here are a few photos of mine:

IMG_3536 Duck pond signIMG_3575