This may be the first time a video for an app made me tear up.

Melody WarnickCool projects, Place love

Vamonde – 'Every Story Has a Place' from Philip Giancola on Vimeo.

Vamonde is a new iOS app inspired by the age-old question, “What happened here?” This is a way to make the walls talk. Download guided tours through the history of a 100-year-old theater, or the architecture of a particular neighorhood, or the food of an entire city, mostly Chicago right now, where Vamonde is based. Users can create their own place tours too, with stories embedded.

I’m not the kind of person who cries at a Kleenex commercial, and yet there was something very sweet about this ad’s conception of place. Every place has a story. And, as the video points out, “every story has a place.” Every moment of our lives is embedded in a specific geography. Everything that’s ever happened to us or to anyone else has happened somewhere. Mind. Blown.

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