5 Things about Melody (and a Map)

  1. I lived in Fullerton, California, from birth to age 18. Never moved once. Since then, I’ve spent time in Provo, Utah; Silver Spring Maryland; St. George, Utah; Ames, Iowa; Austin, Texas; and now Blacksburg, Virginia. See the map of it all below.
  2. I was an English major at BYU. I took an entire class in E.M. Forster and film. Dreamy.
  3. I’ve visited all but three of the United States. Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Alaska, I’m coming for you.
  4. I have many beloved authors. Barbara Kingsolver, Jennifer Haigh, Ann Patchett, Tracy Kidder, Charles Dickens, P.D. James, Bill Bryson, Kate Atkinson, John Steinbeck, Richard Russo, and Elizabeth Gilbert, among others. Also, I really liked Middlemarch. See what I’ve read lately at Goodreads.
  5. My husband is super-smart and funny. My two daughters are as well but they don’t have their own Twitter accounts yet.